Recently, I was promoted from a personal trainer to a fitness manager. For those who don't understand this I went from being just an entry level employee to person who manages the entry level employees. Exciting, don't you think? Nevertheless, this has brought on new challenges that I was not expecting. The first is trying to get a staff up to par is a lot harder then I first imagined. Egos, personalities, and lack of training all reside and are beckoning my attention in order for us to become more productive. Secondly, working this many hours has taken a toll on my creativity. My creativity is what brings me life. Its makes it easier for me to understand the areas of life I don't have the answers for by giving me a way to process. My music and songwriting has plummeted to a place that I am not comfortable with. Managing a team of trainers is one thing but managing how to fit the one thing I love to do more than anything is much, much harder. I am away from home for a total of 10 hours a day and when I get home its late and all I want to do is veg out. Weekends seem to get booked before tuesday is even finished diminishing any personal time for writing to a minimum. Ah the glories of advancement and more money. Notorious B.I.G was right... "mo money, mo problems."


  1. Kay said...

    Keep that in mind when the next rung of the ladder comes your way. :)

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