Who cares!

Some of my friends have blogs. Most of their blogs at some point go to a theological subject matter. The best part is when they do this there are people that show up or post comments on their blogs out of nowhere that think they have something to contribute to their thoughts and or life. My response to that is, WHO CARES! I do not care if you have something to post on my blog or other people’s blog on a subject matter. I am interacting with one of my friends. If you are not one of my friends I do not want to hear what you have to say about a.) b.) Or c.). Your opinion to me is not valid or important to me because you are not apart of my community therefore your opinion does not carry much weight in my life. So why would you spend 5 minutes of you’re life trying to criticize my life and my thoughts?

Think about it people, why do people comment on peoples blogs? Does your opinion really matter that much that what you have to say is going to greatly impact someone's life? Probably not.

If you are apart of my community and a friend then please by all means, comment on my blog. If you are not don't leave any comments.


  1. Ryan said...

    What's up Drew?

    I just found your blog today while I was cleaning my office and came across your old Bethany business card.

    But, after reading your blog (well to be honest, so far I've only read the latest post. I have enough time to clean my desk, but not to read your archives) I guess before I comment I have to know:
    Am I your friend?

  2. drew said...

    Yes, Ryan... you are my friend.

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