I have been reading a lot of online garbage, thats right garbage, from people who do not like Rob Bell.

If you are apart of that community who does not like Rob...


The man is doing amazing things for the advancement of the Kingdom. What are you doing?

He does not answer theological issues the way you want them answered. Guess what, a lot of people would not answer the leading question that has been asked if they knew the sinister intent that people had to exploit them. So why do you deserve an answer? Guess what, the Bible (you know the inspired Word of God) has a lot of questions we cannot answer. Paradoxes that make the mind spin! That is the beauty of it. The more we can embrace and live in the tension of those differences the sooner people will see we're not crazy after all! Hopefully, they will see that this is a "conversation" (oooh emerging buzz word which was big 4 years ago, yet some are just now finding out about.) worth having rather than getting irate and closed off from the Gospel.

Phew that was close.

Think about it.

And if you think he's a heretic... guess what, maybe your favorite theologian was considered one too at one time (Calvin, Luther, etc.)

It is no surprise to me that religion, and even Christianity are hot button issues. Early yesterday while I was at work one of my co-workers asked me what I used to do for a job. I told him that I was a Jr. High youth pastor. He was taken back and was quite surprised that I am now personal training. Am I really that much of a heathen? Nevertheless, he was sharing some of his viewpoints and personal beliefs and all the while we were talking about our views and not once did the conversation ever become hostile. It was a great conversation. I shared my views and he shared his. We provided commentary on what we thought the original text truly meant when it was written (read the Gospels or NT.) There are a lot of views on Jesus, the Gospels, Paul, and the New Testament, but just because I have a Masters degree from Fuller Theological Seminary does not mean that I have all the answers theologically or about God!

My co-worker and I do not see eye to on anything theological or even in religious views however, it did not mean I look down upon him nor do I think any less of him. If anything I think more of him because he’s wrestling. He’s thinking about what he believes and that’s great. Good for him. He does not have to believe what I do that is totally up to him. His decision.

However, it is not my responsibility to win him to Christ. I know many people that would have asked if I presented him with “the Gospel?” Since when did Jesus become a sales transaction? Does it really matter if I did or did not? We as Christians need to understand that God may not be using me to be the one who “CONVERTS” a new believer but merely, to be someone to show him that not all Christians are one way and to extend the love of Christ to him by forming a relationship with him. I would hope that my words are not the only reason why people come to know Jesus, but because of how I live my life. My life should be indicative of the God I serve.

Somehow, the Church has missed this as well. We get so caught up in arguing about how to witness (or whatever theological stance it may be) to someone that by the time they’re done arguing more people are leaving the Church rather than joining it. The sooner that the Church embraces the strengths in which it was founded upon and less on the personal discrepancies the sooner that people will start trusting “The Church” again, and hopefully walking back through the doors. So whatever denomination you affiliate yourself with or whatever theologian you adore we are all still in this thing together. The Bible is full of paradoxes and mysteries we will never be able to figure it all out, nor do I want to! If you want to good for you just don’t make me subscribe to your same convictions

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