90's Rock

The past couple of days at work we have been lucky to hear the XM radio station from 1990's rock and roll. This comes as such a wonderful treat to my ears. I work at 24-hour fitness and they play horrible music everyday. Most of which I would argue is not even music but people stringing vowels and syllables over rhythmic beats. However, someone switched the dial the other day and I was taken down memory lane when I heard a string of songs from the early years of Beck (Where it's at), Soundgarden (Burden in my Hand), Alice in Chains (Would), Rage Against the Machine (Bulls on Parade), Foo Fighters (Big Me), Silverchair (Israel's Son), Pearl Jam (Better Man) and of course Nirvana. Now you may say, "most of those bands are still around." True, they are still around, but these were songs that made them infamous! Songs that you may not have heard for a while minus Nirvana (which is overplayed) but, refreshes my inner ear to appreciate the era that spawned my love for music!

As each new song started playing I started yelling out an emphatic, "Yes!" Accompanied by a fist pump into the sky and a peculiar look from my clients. Now, I must also tell you that this music in my gym was very short lived because the man that runs the club has no concept for what is good music. I absolutely despise hearing the same Top 40 hits from the pop/R&B/hip-hop charts over and over again. That short span of songs from the 90's was enough to lighten my day and give me the courage to endure another 5 hours of bad "music" while I train my clients. So I encourage you spend the weekend listening to your old 1990's albums. If you have them on your computer and use iTunes you can create a smart playlist, which will sort by the year if you so choose. Try it and be amazed what it does for you and the memories that it will conjure up. You may ask why is this a big deal? I was not allowed to listen to "secular" music until I was 16, although I would sit close to the TV and turn the volume down so I could watch MTV. I still remember the songs from the era and the tremendous impact it had and is still having on me 12 years later.


  1. Lance and Jennifer Ahl said...

    I appreciated your post. I miss the days of old school Beck, Soundgarden, the chains, RAtM, F squared, and of course PJ, and Nirvana. I listen to those songs and relive life experiences (some of which I wish I could forget). Do your parents ever say they danced to a song or something like that? I feel like I had one of those nostalgic moments.
    Cheers to you Drew

  2. jeremy zach said...

    yes!! soundgarden--spoonman. blackhole sun, wont you come....

    i love it!!!

    although these stringing vowels and syllables over rhythmic beats are beats that make techno. as an employee of 24 you need to realize what the clients want. i know some 24 members (me) rather enjoy these rhythmic beats.


    you and i are going to live forever!!!

  3. drew said...

    JZ -

    you're a dork. :)

    Lance - dancing was only allowed in your bedroom in front of a mirror. But, make sure the door is locked. Thats why I connect with jeremy's dancing obsession in random locations.

  4. Jesse Malott said...

    Forget about listening to it - I just got to live Soundgarden by singing it with Rock Band (Hallelujah Chorus going off) - and I think I melted some of the paint off the walls with my voice I might add.

    P.S. Jer doesn't actually do cardio - he gets plenty by dancing during his military press to Fergie.

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