return of the artist

Due to my current job (jr. high youth pastor) there is something stirring and I no longer can ignore it. Some background information first, my job requires me to make flyers and usage of other artsy stuff. In High School I was involved in art all 4 years and was interested in pursuing it in college, however, my art teacher talked me out of it because she didn't want me to hate it. There was partial truth in that, but years later I have fallen back in love with creating art in a new form. Graphic design. I am a baby in this new field but my ol' buddy Dan has inspired me by his blog which he has dedicated an entire blog to life, pictures, and his art and I thought I should be open to let you in. I say all of that because I feel that I should let you all in to view some of my new work, my life, and the pictures of the California way.

So the logo at the top was what I created for my junior high youth group. And was my first attempt at this graphic design thing.


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