snow capped

hello cyber world, this beautiful smog free day is truly a blessing! I mean it, no really I'm serious. Today as I was driving up to work/church I was greated with a picture of snow in the mountains of Sierra Madre. It was so cool, it was almost as if there was a bit of home that resurfaced in that moment. Nevertheless, the best part was that I could see it but not have the affects of the snow bother me. Which in my world is the best possible senario I could think of. It is much like having your cake and eating it too. Today, has also been comprised of things with an artistic bend. Worked on my mixed media piece this afternoon, this evenings festivities hold band practice for 2 hours which is one of my most favorite times of the week! I think tomorrow I'll get back to posting more serious things. However, here is a serious thought for you all, why does beauty have to only hold aesthetic value?


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