I have been reading a lot of online garbage, thats right garbage, from people who do not like Rob Bell.

If you are apart of that community who does not like Rob...


The man is doing amazing things for the advancement of the Kingdom. What are you doing?

He does not answer theological issues the way you want them answered. Guess what, a lot of people would not answer the leading question that has been asked if they knew the sinister intent that people had to exploit them. So why do you deserve an answer? Guess what, the Bible (you know the inspired Word of God) has a lot of questions we cannot answer. Paradoxes that make the mind spin! That is the beauty of it. The more we can embrace and live in the tension of those differences the sooner people will see we're not crazy after all! Hopefully, they will see that this is a "conversation" (oooh emerging buzz word which was big 4 years ago, yet some are just now finding out about.) worth having rather than getting irate and closed off from the Gospel.

Phew that was close.

Think about it.

And if you think he's a heretic... guess what, maybe your favorite theologian was considered one too at one time (Calvin, Luther, etc.)


  1. jeremy zach said...

    Drew I like it.

    If you are doing something that is not stirring up mainstream, you are not doing beneficial.

    Drew did you read what Ben Witherington stated about Bell. http://benwitherington.blogspot.com/
    He was a bit critical, but very affirming. Only a NT scholar could really understand how Bell is blending 1 and 2nd century Judaism in relation to understanding Rabbis.

    May you have a blog filled day!

    Remember when you were in the interview at Bethany and you stated you were acquaintance with Rob Bell? I think that is what got you the job. Marshall about pooped his pants when you said that.

  2. St. Brianstine said...

    Rabbis hate Jesus. So.......how is that good?

  3. Kay said...

    I'm really looking forward to hearing him speak out here soon.

  4. Jesse Malott said...

    Rob's focus on a gospel of liberation and reconciliation is something that just might help save evangelicalism from it imprisonment to a works-centered shame gospel. Last night at the Wiltern, Rob was truly amazing. A methodology not easy to replication but very inspiring to follow. Good blog Drew.

  5. lindsayb said...

    i KNOW. i've had some conversations with my mom...

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