::drew time::

The current state I am in a dangerous one. Why you ask? Well, I had created a new post and did not want to leak my heart out to the iNet so I deleted it. I have got new music pumping in the background, acoustic rock offering a person's heart on their sleeve and a catchy progression with honest lyrics. This is a dangerous combination if you know me. It will either lead me to write 5 new songs in an evening or self reflect to the point of narcissism, which only leads to more problems then actually helping. Nevertheless, I enjoy these moments. These are the moments I enjoy being single. No worries about taking care of someone else, no worries what I should be doing. Just drew time.

no finals, no school work, no work, no responsibilites, just drew time.

hold on, hold on, hold on, would you let me know you are here. - new lyric for a new song.

p.s. here is the new t-shirt design I made for my youth group.


  1. Dan Case said...

    Here's to uniqe pantone shades of blue!

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