I have been wrestling the past couple of weeks and days with the thoughts of ordination. I come from a Baptist background and for so long I have resisted anything that resembled the Baptist denomination. However, because of my current living situation and because of seeing some successful churches and all of these being Baptist I see hope. So the question is do I return to my roots and become ordained like my father and my grandfather before him and my great grandfather before him? These are the questions that I am wrestling with and I hope that the truth will surface while I am here at seminary. Having an identity with who I associate with would be great and also being able to begin to turn my focus to how I can help turn around something in America that is dieing which is the denominational church and churches. From the other side of the fence is the non-denominational track. The non-denomination track gives ones a free reign, however with that free reign comes more problems and more floating theology. Which is dangerous because the theology can be not grounded in anything substantial or truthful, or biblical for that matter. The other bad thing is money. Non-denomination churches have no support and are responsible for raising all their own support. However, there is nothing like leaning on God to provide money to strengthen your faith. These are just some of the things that I have been wrestling and dealing with in the past few weeks and I am sure this topic will arise again before my time here is done.


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